How Bamford Home Delivery Works

 Where Do You Deliver T0?

In order to accommodate the initial expected volume we will be servicing only MISSISSAUGA, ETOBICOKE, EAST YORK, NORTH YORK, TORONTO, BRAMPTON, OAKVILLE and SCARBOROUGH.  Our delivery area will grow over time. 



When Are Deliveries Made?

Deliveries are made the following day from when they are placed. For example orders placed on Tuesday before midnight will be delivered on Wednesday.  Deliveries do not occur on Sundays, so orders placed on Saturday will be delivered Monday.  Because orders are made in the morning of the delivery day, they are typically delivered after noon. 


What Is The Fee For Deliveries?

Delivery fees vary depending on the total number of produce boxes purchased.  There is no delivery fee on the Pay It Forward Produce Box and it does not count towards the delivery box total.  The breakdown is as follows:

When purchasing only 1 produce box for delivery, there is a $16.95* delivery charge.

When purchasing 2 produce boxes for delivery, there is a $11.30* delivery charge.

When purchasing 3 or more boxes for delivery, there is no delivery charge.

What About Deliveries to Condos/Apartments?

When delivering to apartment complexes or condominiums, our drivers will not attempt to bring your order directly to your unit.  Instead it will be your responsibility to meet with the driver and collect your produce or have concierge authorized to receive it.  If you can not meet for your produce box it will be left outside your residence.  Please add any specific notes you need us to be aware of in the "Delivery Notes" section of your purchase.


We are looking forward to helping you however we can.  If you are interested in purchasing any of our produce please head over to the shop now!

*HST charges included in delivery fee

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