Food Safety and Quality Assurance

At Bamford Produce, ensuring our produce is fresh is a top priority. We employ rigorous safety standards and procedures at every level from storage to distribution. We are committed to complying with federal, provincial and municipal food safety regulations and we will continue to adjust and adapt our practices as new, more efficient ones become available. Take a look below for more information.

Shipping and Receiving

Strict shipping safety standards – Every truck is cleaned and inspected before each shipment and trailers are pre-cooled before produce is loaded.

Trailer temperatures monitored electronically in real-time and reviewed by our transportation and quality assurance department.

Full traceability and live tracking of all delivery vehicles.

Product Inspections

Fully trained in-house quality assurance team and use of third party labs for microbiological testing.

Produce is inspected thoroughly, multiple times during its journey; when it is received, while it's on our floors and before it is shipped out.

Top of the Line Facilities and Equipment

Our facility contains multi- temperature zone coolers for optimal storage of specific produce items. We also have designated ripening rooms to ensure ripe and flavorful products at all times.

We maintain the highest level of cleanliness by enforcing strict HACCP, G.M.P and BRC food safety practices.

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